14 year anniversary was supposed to be Gold Jewelry…

To be honest though, I don’t really like gold, white gold sure, or maybe rose gold.. I’m getting off topic though. This April 29th we celebrated being married for 14 years. I think the REAL celebration should be the fact that we have been around each other 24/7 for 48 days and both of us are still alive and kicking. * Cue the confetti cannons and balloons*

Since we became parents we normally would use our anniversary as an excuse to have a weekend to ourselves. I would plan a fun getaway, somewhere reasonably close and we would drop the kids off with grandma and head out to remember what it was like to be just Laura and Greg and not necessarily mom and dad. Obviously that wasn’t happening this year. To say I was not happy about it is an understatement but I understood. So I decided to turn my attention to having a stay-cation, you know, if you can’t see the world bring the world to you. Well that didn’t pan out either. I was hoping to have a little backyard clean up happen, get a fire pit put together and some decent patio furniture to go around said fire pit. Then I thought it would be super fun to do an “around the world with cuisine ” theme. Like I mentioned in the last post, i’m an over achiever.

What actually happened was something I couldn’t have ever planned for. The day started off fine, I had ordered the fire pit from amazon weeks ago and we had finally put it together the night before, all we needed was to go fill up our propane bottle and we were golden. I also needed to hit the store to grab a few things for our fun dinner. WELL… as soon as school got over with I ran upstairs to get ready for the day and since we would be venturing out into the world and it was our anniversary I decided to take extra time on my hair and do a little makeup. I discovered quickly that I have completely forgotten how to apply eye liner so that was pretty.. and while I was upstairs we got a knock on the door.

Now let me explain, when someone would knock on our door before all this BS started I would be wary and not want to answer because anyone that knows me knows I expect a call beforehand. Or at least a courtesy text to alert of an incoming drop by. But now?? The door hasn’t been knocked on in so long that Greg and I just stared at each other like “what are we supposed to do?” So I piped up and said ” well that sounded like a manly knock so you better answer that.” HA

Turns out a guy was looking for a motor-home and his friend knew we had one and a trailer. He had decided to stop by and see if we were interested in selling. We were actually looking to sell it we just haven’t been in a big hurry because of how the world is right now, and it needed a couple things fixed up on it. So Greg takes him to it, shows him around and explains what needs to be fixed and so on and he says ” SOLD!” Greg comes back in and let’s me know that we now have to gut it and clean it ASAP. * sigh* Alrighty, going to the store is put on the back burner and I get busy. Three hours later the dang thing is gutted, spotless and ready to go. If only I could say that about my living room which is where EVERYTHING got thrown in Greg’s attempt to haul ass.

Who knew so much crap could be shoved in a motor home?!?!

Needless to say when I walked in I was ready to hit the floor. So much freaking stuff and where to put it. Not to mention, all my time to run to the store for stuff and cook it was totally eaten up by this. I made the decision to scrap my idea of a fun dinner and just order Cafe Rio. By the time I had placed my order the guy was back to pick it up. Wesley has always been very attached to the motor home and would start crying every time we mentioned selling it. I knew it was going to be very tough for him to understand why it as moving on to a new home. I sat with him and explained that even though we had had some really fun times in it , it was time for it to go to a new family and let them make memories in it. He was still sad but seemed to understand. We got one last picture with it before they drove off.

Bye bye !

After that we all piled into the car and ran a quick errand to pick up the kids new belts for karate, They have still been hard at work, even through the quarantine! Then off to pick up dinner. I had hoped that once we got home we could eat dinner get the kids to bed and Greg and I could still salvage the night by having a little ” Fire Pit” time. When will I learn?! Greg informed me over dinner that he had some work he had to do still that was important so fire pit time wasn’t gonna happen. *deep sigh* I was pretty bummed but i’m getting used to that feeling with every freaking thing that I had planned for this year getting unplanned.

I ended up setting up the teepee we had gotten for the kids and shoved in the motor home and never opened so they could play for a bit. Other than the set up kicking my butt it was pretty fun to watch them play and enjoy!

So cute!

After all the fun with that it was bed time,I got the kids to bed while Greg worked and about 10 minutes after I sat down the power went out. Illa can not handle the dark, she sleeps with her lamp on, so she was in our room in a flash. Wes was already asleep, lucky duck. We made the best of it with flashlights and chilling out on my bed. Illa had a blast and kept referring to it as ” the blackout” and when the power came back on about 40 minutes later, she finally went to bed. We ended out the night by Greg working some more and me watching a true crime documentary. Happy 14 years to us! HAHA

Eventually, one day, maybe I might learn to just stop with the plans. Maybe that was the point of this damn quarantine. To break my planning spirit. I hate to say it’s working but dammit this is hard. Everyday feels like ground hog day, no matter how hard I try to break it up. To be fair my determination to do fun things and provide the kids with entertainment has evolved into them coming up with whatever sounds like fun at the moment to them and me saying ” eh, why not?” You wanna run through the sprinklers for 6 hours? Knock yourself out. You want Ice cream after every meal? As long as you eat what’s on your plate, sure. You want me to carry that teepee in and out of the house 17 times? Why the hell not?!

Here’s to hoping that one day (Lord knows I’m not gonna say a day anymore) we eventually make it to the backyard for our “Fire Pit” time.

Waiting in the car for our Anniversary Dinner lol
Can you see the crazy glint in my eye?!

Till next time!

~ Laura

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