We got that 2020 Vision

And just like that another year over and a fresh new year is here! 2019 was a wild ride I tell you! December was a super busy month. We decided to surprise the kids with the Disneyland trip that I covered a bit in our last post. While on paper (or social?) that was a good idea in real life it was a little stressful. I had to get everything I could do done before we left because by the time we got back I would have just 3 days till Christmas.

So we got home had a day of rest and then hit the ground running. Greg went back to work and the kids and I got busy making neighbor treats and last minute shopping and wrapping. Christmas day is actually one of my favorites simply because for me it has this deep feeling of “PHEW” I either got it done or I didn’t” I can finally rest.

Not long after Christmas is my birthday and this year was one of the best ones I’ve had! It was filled with rest, friends and food. So much food. I had a great day and was asleep by 8:30 . I know, I’m a party animal. Also this year I dealt with a little denial. TOTALLY thought I was turning 32. Nope. A kind friend reminded me that I in fact, was turning 33. Sssshhh… why ruin the dream?! haha I don’t math. Clearly.

Birthday Dinner at Red Lobster

The next day was New Years Eve and we had a fun day together , hit up Costco, let our stomachs do the shopping. (Bad idea y’all) When we got home we did our annual ” New Years Eve kiss” picture then we celebrated the countdown at 10-ish with the kids. Big thank you to Netflix for that! That picture started out as me wanting to get a cute picture of everyone getting a kiss at the same time about three years ago. The first year was such a hoot that it quickly became a tradition. Once the kids were in bed I started looking where we could watch the ball drop for Greg and I , it’s tradition! We have some streaming services but none of them are LIVE so it was a bit of a chore. Finally found one, or so I thought and then we watched a show till the magic moment. WELL….. when the time came the ROKU channel that it was supposed to be on played only commercials and never showed it. Greg hurried and came over and kissed me real quick while I was frantically looking on social to find SOMETHING. I searched for 15 minutes and finally decided that we were just gonna not have that as part of our New Years celebration. I’ll admit I know it seems silly but I’ve grown accustomed to that. I was sad to miss it but it was memorable in its own way!

For some reason when I said kiss Wesley heard lick…

New Years day was filled with snow and sledding, a first for our kids! They have had sleds for over a year and finally got to use them. It was nice to take the day and just spend it with them. They had a blast, well Wesley got pretty ticked there for a hot minute. They had built these little snow hills to use as a jump and he wanted to go off of one so dang bad. When he tried and tried and still didn’t go off it he had a major fit. I’m sure there is a meme in his video, I’ll figure it out one day, it’s funny and heartbreaking, ( as his mom) to watch.

So much passion ha

I know I say every year that I’m excited for the new year, but I REALLY mean it this year. I’m learning and growing so much and am trying to pass that on to my family. I have a ton of things that I want to accomplish this year. Goals that are HUGE and a little scary but that I want to tackle because I love a challenge. I’m going full steam ahead on school and am so grateful that I have the opportunity to not only go back to school but that I have a supportive family.

Health is going to be another focus of ours this year. The entire family is getting a healthy mind and body over haul. Greg’s health has plagued us long enough and while I generally just keep trucking along and get crap done I know that my body would feel better at a healthier weight. We are getting healthy and we are going to feel better because I say so. We have too much to accomplish to have this keep getting in our way, so watch out world, we are on FIRE!

The promise of a new year is a little intoxicating I feel. Last year I did something that I liked and will be repeating this year. I not only set forth new years resolutions I broke them down so that each month I added a new thing. Instead of saying ‘ I’m gonna do ALL the things at once” I brought change in gradually and I’m happy to say that I have stuck with my 2 major goals from last year the ENTIRE year. That folks, has never happened in my whole life. This year is going to be the same. Introducing the changes gradually so that they are LASTING changes.

2019 was good year , onto better things! I’ll just leave you with this little gem to celebrate the new year!

Till next time!

~ Laura

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