Red, White and Blue

Photo Cred: Steve F. Gray

We love to go to the Rodeo as a family. Illa and I love the horses and well honestly the food (corn dogs and funnel cakes anyone?!) Wes loves the tractors and heavy equipment and Greg loves watching the bull riding. It really is fun for all of us.

One of the things that Greg and I both love (and the kids are starting to catch on) Is the bringing in of the Flag and the National Anthem being sung. The Ute Stampede Rodeo has the most amazing way of doing it. A guy skydives in with a HUGE American Flag strapped to him . As he comes in Lee Greenwoods ” God Bless the USA” is played and because I cry at everything I tear up every time.

Beautiful night, Beautiful Flag, Great Night

One of the things that got me extra teary this year was watching the National Guard members hustle as soon as the flag touched down. They scooped it up as fast as possible and then held it in such a way as the National Anthem is sung that it waves a little in the breeze. Why do I tear up? Because I think about what that flag means to me and to those that have served and how could you not be moved to tears?

I’m sure you are probably wondering why I’m going on about the flag and not more about the rodeo stuff. Well here’s why. It’s something that is very important to me. I’m not sure if it’s the way I was raised, or the fact that I had family members that served.

I LOVE the month of July. I LOVE seeing all the flags and pride in our country. I wished it was carried out throughout the year honestly. I wish that as a country we could pull our heads out of you know where and get back on track. Truly listen to each other and love thy neighbor.

To quote of my favorites :

” Love thy neighbor, not Love thy neighbor if they look and act and think like you. Not Love thy neighbor so long as they wear the right clothes and say the right things . JUST LOVE THEM”

– Rachel Hollis

I am personally trying my best to be better about this. Join me won’t you? Next time you look at the flag think about what it means to you. Dig a little deeper this July and Blast a little Lee Greenwood and let’s all remember what America is all about .

I’m gonna leave this pic of Wes because its just too funny not to. I was trying to get a cute pic of him and the flag… **SIGH**

Till next time!


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