Camping with the corona virus was interesting. For the most part things were status quo. We busted our butts to get ready, took 5 hours to get there even though it was supposed to take 3, kids complaining,  Greg white knuckling it all the way there. But getting gas, going inside to grab things means wearing a mask and using purell like it’s free.

One thing that I actually liked about having to do things a little different was the fact that we got to have a little picnic with dinner  instead of sitting inside. We left on Gregs birthday and he wanted Costa Vida. We stopped in Fillmore, UT at their Costa Vida, grabbed food and threw our blanket out on the grass and enjoyed the evening. * on a side note, that costa vida is the BEST one around. The food is always fresh, the staff is friendly and they always put on extra cheese.

Yes I took this upside down, promise I didn’t load it wrong 😉

The sunsets are beautiful here,  it’s one of my favorite things about Utah.  We were treated to a spectacular one while we munched on our quesadillas. This picture just doesn’t showcase it , but then again I think the faces in it are just as spectacular. 😉

We had so much fun this past weekend rona aside, when you’re out on the rzr you can forget for a small moment that the world is going to shit and just enjoy the outdoors. We went with our awesome friends the Ford’s,  and it  didn’t disappoint! We went to Bryce Canyon and stayed at an RV park there called Ruby’s Inn. We don’t typically camp in a park but when we do, this place is one of the best. Signs of the ‘rona where every where. “Only one person in the office at a time” ” please wear your mask” ” if you feel sick go away” and so on.

We got there really late so our fun didn’t start till the next day. I had a few trails mapped out that we were gonna hit and we packed a lunch and off we went. One of the cool things is that you can ride straight from the park to get on the trails. We headed in the direction of a cool area called Tropic reservior.  It was really pretty!

Rzr riding always puts him to sleep

Even though the weather forecast said no rain on Saturday we were treated with a sudden and forceful little storm.  We bundled the kids up to keep them dry, they thought is was fun and were oddly very quiet with the blanket on… maybe I should have used that on the way home.

After the storm passed we kept going and found this pretty and unexpected view point along the trail.

My map skills led us on an adventure,  I was going off of the trail maps they have online with my Google maps that had spotty service at best. Even though I swear we were going the right way we ended up in a whole different area than originally planned.  But it was still fun. The country there is beautiful and peaceful with lots of ponderosa pines and open grassy fields. There were ample rivers as well and spotted throughout the valleys there were a few damns from generations past that were beautiful to see.

What was supposed to be about a 30 mile trip ended up being 75 and by the time we got back to camp we were all a bit dusty.

No, that isn’t spray tan.. it’s dust . At least it makes my teeth look whiter 🤣

We were also treated to a fun new guest. A cute chipmunk (or chickenmunk as Wes calls them) was at camp. I learned that if I ever wanna keep my kids entertained for HOURS all I need is a chipmunk. Every move it made was met with ” MOM, DID YOU SEE THAT?!”

He’s by the tire.. he played the “if i don’t move a muscle they won’t know I’m here game” for a while before he gave up and made a run for it.

I wanted to celebrate Greg’s birthday since we weren’t able to sing to him on his birthday. We had a lovely dinner and then I surprised Greg by shoving a candle in some brownies I made before we left and having everyone sing. He was a good sport. Lol

Make a wish!

We hit the pool up after that and kept to ourselves as best we could, then went back to the trailer and had showers, watched a movie and popped popcorn.

The next day we went into Bryce canyon national park. Since rzr’s aren’t allowed in there we took the shuttle service. That’s were the ‘rona and the “new normal” was more evident. Signs were everywhere and masks were required on the bus. Hot? Yeah. Annoying? A bit. But we make the masks look good !

My favorite part was when I went to snap everyone pic and hollered ” Smile!” Hahaha couldn’t see them if I’d wanted to.😅

The park wasn’t overly crowded so we could at least take them off while we roamed around. That was helpful. To say it was windy was an understatement. There was huge gusts that almost knocked you off your feet, but the scenery was breathtaking and so worth it!

We finally had our fill of pretty sights and Illa and Greg started getting hangry so we headed back to the trailer to make lunch and head out.

If I had only known… our trip home would take 17 years. We took the dogs for a walk and then loaded them up and headed to get gas and a drink. The place Greg stopped didn’t do fountain drinks *thanks ‘rona* so he ended up grabbing something different and some ice cream bars and we headed to a nearby park to enjoy before we hit the road. Again.

Still windy.. so windy in fact it blew most of illa’s chocolate off of her ice cream 🤣

The kids wanted to play on the huge play area but again that was a no-go because ‘rona. I explained it to them, which they understood and took fairly well. We started driving again only to go about 40 minutes and have to stop again because Wes needed the bathroom.  Luckily,  the boyhood home of Butch Cassidy made for a perfect stop!

We saw the sights and enjoyed walking around. Greg and I explained to the kids that this was the way people used to live,  the whole family in a house that size. Illa was baffled that they could all fit. It made for a fun conversation about having just enough to live comfortably. 

We had been on the road for about 15 minutes when both kids declared they were starving. So we found a rest area and pulled over. Again. Greg made us dinner while I let the kids run and walked and fed the dogs.  It was still windy. So windy it blew the dog food dishes away and we had to chase them down.

Beautiful rest area! They even had donkeys🤣

That stop took an hour, after everyone was fed, had a drink and had used the restroom we set out once more for home. I should mention here that Wes and Illa had been fighting/talking the entire time.  Normally Wes falls asleep and we have a bit of peace and quiet for a hot minute but not yesterday.  He feels the need to constantly fill the silence  by telling stories, asking a bazillion questions or irritating illa until she snaps. It makes for fun drives. We had been on the road for about 40 minutes when greg had finally had enough. They kept arguing and he snapped and yelled out ” 1,2,3 QUIET GAME,  now shut the hell up!” Greg looked at me and said, “I just can’t anymore, I love them, but holy cow Wes hasn’t taken a breath in 4 hours.” 

15 minutes later Wes had to pee again.  Greg snapped and so did I . We pulled over and at that point I pulled out a pull-up after Wes used the bathroom and threw it on him.  I also grabbed there tablets and headphones and we got back in the truck to keep going.  At some point we had to actually  get home.  We left bryce at 4 and should have been home by 8 at the latest.  We got home at 11:30. It’s times like those I miss the motorhome. 

It was an adventure,  it always is with this family! I love it, the good, the crazy, the irritating, the funny, the absolute best parts of our family,nothing brings that all out like a road trip.

Till next time!

~ Laura

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