The decade challenge … why not?!

This whole “challenge” thing is a hoot. I love it! When I went back through my photos.. WAY back in the archives to find pics from 10 years ago it wasn’t pretty. Kidding, kinda… my makeup is better these days, I have eyebrows now.. And I feel like blonde is definitely my color. Especially with the pink!

See what I mean? eyebrows… they make a difference lol

2009 was an interesting year for us. It was still just Greg and I although we had tried and failed to remedy that at the beginning of the year. You see, 2009 is the year I very first got pregnant. We were both so excited and over the moon. I was sick and exhausted but didn’t mind, at that point we had been trying for 2 years . Sadly, that didn’t end the way we had planned or hoped and by March 12th I wasn’t pregnant anymore.

2009 was the start of a whole new life for me. One where I felt out of control and tried so very hard to control it anyway. Maybe that’s were a lot of my issues come from.. who knows. I was a shell of my former self for months. It really messed me up. I took up crocheting and cake decorating as a way to keep my mind off of trying to get pregnant.

I still only know one stich when it comes to crocheting and I’m only really good at baby blankets because I lose patience with it for a full size blanket. SO if you’ve ever received a full size blanket from me just know that a lot of blood sweat and tears and cuss words went into making that. Oh, and love. That too.

The cake decorating I’ve stuck with and grown in ways that even surprise me somedays. Fondant still kicks my butt but I love making and decorating cakes . It makes my soul happy!

In the years that followed 2009 I grew in ways I didn’t know I could. Greg and I grew as a couple, I mean I was still growing up in so many ways. We finally weren’t living paycheck to paycheck and could start to do home improvements and make this bachelor pad a home.


It took a lifetime still for our family to come along and while it was one of the hardest things we’ve gone through as a couple it has helped me to help others and I suppose that is the point I was supposed to take away from all of that. In the last 10 years we’ve also dealt with Greg’s health. That has been just as hard as infertility if not harder. Understand I do not say that last sentence flippantly. Infertility can suck your very soul out, tear a marriage apart and make you go insane. Greg’s health has been all that, and more.

We have dealt with one issue or another for the better part of these last 10 years. Chronic pain, bone spurs on his spine, muscle spasms so bad that they bend him in half. Not to mention the kidney stones and leg/ ankle problems. He is such an incredibly hard worker and has done his absolute best to not let it slow him down but it’s taken it’s toll on him and I know he is so very tired.

The last 10 years haven’t been all bad, promise but they have been very real. We have shared some truly beautiful moments. Like welcoming Illa and Wesley into our family and experiencing every mile stone with them. We’ve also grown apart and back together again . I suppose that’s normal, but we are both too damn stubborn to ever let what we have go. So we fight for it. Every dang day. This last year has been rough but we both made a promise to each other and are working our butts off to be better to each other, better to others and better people in general.

I mean, look at this goofball! His hair was so crazy! He was trying to give me the stink eye…. doesn’t he know by know that’s MY thing?!


I’m so excited for the next decade, things are in place to really make the next 10 years better than ever. We are going places and doing things and both of our health is getting an overhaul. I want to be better for our kids and Greg is ready to turn a new leaf. We are excited to be Better, Stronger. Next 10 years, bring it on!

Till next time!

~ Laura

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