Fashion forward and letting go.

Illa’ s fashion sense is fearless. She is bold, loves lipstick and color. I almost heard my mothers voice in her when Illa asked me this week ” Why don’t your wear lipstick? You need some color.” My mother used to always bug me about that.

This week Illa was on a tear with what she wanted to wear. She is such a headstrong little thing. I have to walk a fine line between wanting to not have her look ridiculous and also not squelch her enthusiasm .

This weeks fashion brought to you by Illa :

I tried talking her outta the heeled booties and sweat pants but she refused hahaha . As someone who’s Mom always picked out her clothes and made sure I looked polished before I walked out the door this is hard.

Learning to “Let Go” and celebrate her uniqueness has been interesting but we are learning together. Isn’t that parenthood though? I had it in my mind how I would parent, what we would do as a family, how my children would act. Then they got here. They showed up with their own personalities and their own way of doing things that pushes my limits and boundaries daily.

Being a mom has made me into a stronger version of myself. A more selfless person than I was before. There are days when my heart wants to burst in pride at what Illa and Wes do. Watching them be kind to others (and each other), being polite and helpful. It makes me feel like I just might be getting something right.

Of course there are other days when their behavior is embarrassing and I am reminded why leaving the house is never a good idea. Illa actually commented the other day ” Mom, are we going into a store soon? I want to get more chapstick.. we haven’t been in a store in a LONG time!” To which I replied… ” You’re right , it has been awhile. The last time we went in a store y’all were so awful and rude to each other I vowed to not make that mistake again.” I will say this again online grocery shopping is the only way to go. ONLY WAY. Anyway, I’m getting off topic..

I’ll end with this picture because I love it. I just ordered a “Not Sorry” hat from The Hollis Co. and I love it. Illa loves it too. She asked me what it said and I told her and explained it, ” It says ” Not Sorry” and that means to me, Setting goals for your life, how you want to be and going after it unapologetically. Be willing to reach for big things, to have that confidence in yourself!” She just smiled at me and said, ” Cool, I can do that”

Yes you can baby girl, yes you can.

Till next time !

~ Laura

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