Live from the ROAD

This week for fall break we took this show on the road. We went to Moab with our awesome family friends. We played hard for 3 days and we are beat. It was a great break though!

Thursday we rolled into town and got set up at an awesome RV park called Portal. I have to say I was pretty impressed! If we ever did decide to take this fam on the road full time places like that would make it easy and nice.

They had a great swimming pool and hot tub, awesome grounds, a cool dog park area and walking trails.

Well I was so proud that we got on the road on time BUT I forgot our dang swimsuits . So the first order of business was to go into town and try to find swimwear. We were lucky and found something even though it’s not summer time anymore *phew*

The next day I was up early and took the dogs for a walk, did some yoga and wrote in my journal. It was such a great way to start the day. 

Ready to go!

The first day we went on a big trail called Kane Creek. It was really pretty! We went through the creek on and off for most of it and it got us dirty . I didn’t mind but the kids flipped out , it was hilarious. The trail itself wasn’t bad, it did have some tough spots but all in all a great ride.

We stopped for lunch in a pretty spot under some trees next to the river. The kids had fun running around and Greg snapped a pic of me with my jug of water. Still trying to hit my goal even on the trail!

The scenery was so pretty this time of year! I think this is my favorite time to go down there! The weather was perfect and the colors were spot on !

I love catching little moments like this ! Greg is such a great dad and the kids love him like crazy.

We got to a part in the trail that was pretty tough. We stopped to think it through and see if we wanted to keep going or if we wanted to turn back. While we were weighing pros and cons and big group of rzr’s showed up and it was taking forever so we ended up going back the way we came.

Greg was worried about the tough spots and I pointed out that since we’ve already been through them they might not be as bad. Plus it seems like hitting hard obstacles a different way makes all the difference.

Well since I didn’t have my earbuds to listen to a book I was left alone with my thoughts for FAR TOO LONG 😂 . It got me thinking and likening our experience to life in general. Going through trials or tough spots the first time sucks. You are unsure which way to go, not sure if you’ll make it.  Then you get through it and you realize,  oh hey, I can do that. Then you are better equipped to handle the next tough spot because you can build off of your experience and even help others.

Going back through the second time was so much better. We wrapped up, headed home and hit the pool that night!

The next day we went over to the slick rock area. That’s fun in a whole different way! Steep hills and lots of rock crawling !

This stuff normally sends my anxiety threw the roof, but this time I was so much better. I think the difference was I had my ear bud in one ear listening to a book . I kinda focused on that instead of certain death and it really helped.

We did the Fins N’ Things trail and Hells Revenge. It is a super fun trail! Here are a few videos, they really don’t do it justice. We were literally straight up and down.

This was a much needed break. We all had a great time, we love going with our friends, no stress, our kids get along and it’s just nice and relaxing. Can’t wait to do it again!

Till next time!

~ Laura

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