Going it alone this week

Greg went hunting for the last week and it was INTERESTING. I was happy that Greg got a break and was able to get out into the mountains and recharge. I know it was good for him, he totally needed it.

Meanwhile at home…. things were getting crazy. I mean I run a fairly tight ship in the sense of schedule. The kids get up and go to bed at the same time and the days are pretty predictable with snack, lunch time, homework and free time sprinkled in. So it’s not too much of a disruption when Greg jets outta town but you can tell the kids really missed him.

Towards the end of the week the kids were really getting snappy and beasty with each other and I think it was that they missed their dad , even though they couldn’t put it together. To be honest I enjoyed getting the kids to bed and then being able to watch my true crime shows without judgement but 6 days in I was missing Greg too.

This separation made me really ponder how much time Greg spends with the kids and in our daily routine. It really kinda shocked me. 2 hours. 2 hours is what Greg gets with his kids everyday of the week ( more on weekends) but he gets home between 5 and 6 and the kids go to bed at 8. Compared to the 27 billion hours I spend with them during the day it’s a BIG difference. Don’t worry, that math is accurate, I checked lol

I feel like we have to make the most of the time we have, we are so busy doing all the things that we HAVE to make making memories just as important. I’m not saying every week needs to be a trip to Disneyland, more that being intentional with the time we do have. Yes , Illa still talks about Disneyland BUT she also talks about movie nights and how she loves them and the special caramel popcorn I make for all of us. Or spending time on the river trail, riding the rzr, camping, staying in a hotel, going swimming.. these little things all add up.

Earlier this week it was a little crazy we had a windshield getting replaced one day and the carpets getting cleaned another, throw in homework and reading time and normal errands and it was a busy time. I made a point to carve out some fun time this week and we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point for an afternoon of fun.

We have a pass and so I try to go there often. Farm country it is an actual working farm but everything is on display for the kids to see. Illa loves the pony rides obviously and petting all the animals. I freaking love the goats and would love to smuggle one in my bag and take it home. Wes loves the tractors and is getting braver about petting all of the animals.

I think she was going for ” glamour shot smirk” look
On the tractor ride asking a gazillion questions… I loved it!

One of the best memories and I didn’t even snap a dang pic was when they brought a cow into a chute for you to trying milking! Wes was a no go, he was busy looking at the toy tractors but Illa was curious. So she went over and gave it a shot. She got a little to come out and then asked for my help. I’ll admit I was a little nervous that Peggy ( yes that was her name) was gonna kick me , but she was happy to eat her supper and leave me be.

I reached up and went to “milk” this cows udder and oh my stars it felt soft and spongey LOL I looked at Illa who had a funny look on her face and we both just started laughing so hard. Later that night I was putting her to bed and she brought it up and said ” You know mom, that was a lot of fun! I enjoyed doing weird stuff with you today!” It made my heart happy .

I guess the point of this post is we have no clue how much time we are gonna have on this earth with our loved ones, Yes we have important things that need to be done everyday to keep us going BUT don’t forget to make the most of the time you have. Make fun memories and Love your people like there is no tomorrow .

Till next time –

~ Laura

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