Kickin’ it WAY back!

Recently I’ve been cleaning out and organizing the office. While going through stuff I came across our old wedding albums. Naturally I wanted to show the kids. Wes was thankfully very kind. He instantly said “mommy, you look like a princess! ” While Illa was a little more honest… She took one look and said ” Wow mom, you’ve gained weight” Gee thanks kid, I wasn’t aware of that * insert dramatic eyeroll here*

Greg and I were such babies back then I was 19 and Greg was 31. I mean just LOOK at our fresh faces full of life and hope haha


Our wedding day was a wonderful day. Full of family and love but one the BEST things that happened that day was this.. it’s a story so bear with me.

My mom and I had been looking for THE shoes to go with my dress. We couldn’t find anything local that fit the bill and this was way back in the dino age so it was before online shopping is what it is today.

We ended up doing what any crafty girl would do that owned a glue gun. We bought shoes that were close to what I wanted and got busy. The shoes were brown and had no bling so we spray painted them white and hot glued bling on them. God Bless my tiny, bejewled lovin’ heart. The paint didn’t hold up and the hot glue jewels wouldn’t stay so we were back to the drawing board.

I ended up finding shoes that were so pretty , a little higher than I wanted but they worked! When the day came I slipped them on and away I went. I knew about 27 minutes into wearing them I wasn’t gonna make it all day. My little piggies were screaming profanities all the way home.

Aren’t they pretty? BUT they are filled with my blood by this point.

We were taking pictures and I was holding onto Greg’s arm so tight , I think I was trying to levitate honestly, when he leaned over and said to me ” Baby, why don’t you just slip them off, no one can see them with your big flippin’ skirt”

This was the BEST moment of the whole day !

This moment went down in history as the BEST moment of the day. Oh my stars. I was so dang happy!

Greg was smiling because I admitted he was right and I just have the look of pure joy on my face haha

One of the other funny stories from that day involved the cake. Greg and I had discussed at length that there would be NO smashing of the cake into my face. I mean COME ON, I didn’t wanna mess up my make up! Things were great , right up till the moment they weren’t. I could see the minute he changed his mind. He got that look in his eye. That glint of mischief …

Do you see it? Do you see the glint?!

Greg and I are sarcastic jokers, we always have been. It has bitten us in the butt a few times but more often than not it has helped us handle all the BS that has been thrown at us throughout our 13 short years of marriage.

I also came across our vows that had been copied into our album, it was a great reminder to read those wonderful things that we promised each other .

I knew the first time I looked deep into your eyes, I saw your gentle soul and where your love lies. From this day on I will spend all eternity at your side. In a home full of love and where kindness will abide. You are the man that God our Father has entrusted me to, to be a queen of our home and a “helpmeet” to you. I pray that we will always trust in the deep love we share to face every challenge with enough strength to bear it. So lets take our first steps together, hand in hand and eye to eye. I am so lucky to be the woman you’re married to!

– Laura

Our God so graciously has granted many blessings in my life and one of the greatest of them all was when you said you’d be my wife. We know love starts with ” hearts and flowers”, wedding bells and wedding rings, but a marriage such as ours includes so many other things. In fact the wedding part is over when the ceremony ends. A life of working hard together to build a marriage then begins. I wish I knew the words to tell you just how much you mean to me. Thanks for the love we share together and all the years that are to be.

– Greg

Hard times happened way quicker and a lot more frequent than I thought but we have trusted in our love for each other and made it through each time. We have learned through the years to try and have a little fun along the way.

Such a fun night … and now I gotta get back to cleaning !

Till next time!

~ Laura

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