Behind the Scenes

Everybody loves to hear about things that go on “behind the scenes” amiright?? This week was a normal week , I mean normal for us anyway. 1000 things to do and in the middle of that a wedding cake was due.

Let me start by saying I LOVE creating cakes. I love thinking outside the box to try and make all my clients dreams come true. I know some of you are probably thinking , ” My hell Laura, it’s CAKE” But that’s exactly it. It is CAKE. It makes people smile and that’s my favorite part! Oh, well and it tasting good haha.

I love the stress of making a wedding cake, I know that sounds crazy but it’s a good, creative stress. It’s different from my normal everyday stress and I welcome the change. Now to get back to the cake at hand….

The cake order was simple enough, Chocolate cake, raspberry mousse filling, buttercream. SIDE NOTE: I’m SO happy the fondant cakes seem to be on the out now. Not that I don’t mind them but they kick my trash. HAHA

I started Wednesday by making a crap ton of cake. I had 4 layers with 2 layers of cake in each. I got all the cake made and the filling and got to work. I like to get my cakes stacked, filled and crumb coated asap. That way I can let them chill in the fridge overnight and get nice and solid so I can frost the crap outta them the next day.

That’s exactly what I did. I used more buttercream on this cake than I ever have in my whole darn life. To say it was heavy was an understatement. ANYWHO.. I turned my attention to the floral part of this cake because after all that was really what was going to be the show stopping quality.

We weren’t certain if there would be enough live floral for the cake so I started calling florists to see if I could snag some. I was looking for lavender and olive leaf. I called 5 different places and was all told the same things ” Lavender is out of season and the olive leaf was special order” SWELL. So I hit hobby Lobby, I figured I could at least have silk back ups. I went ALL over that store for an hour trying to find just the right stuff. Finally convinced myself I had stuff that would work and headed home.

.On the way I went to pass the Walmart that is by our house and I looked over at their landscaping and low and behold… LAVENDER! I whipped in there and up to a bush and ripped off a couple of sprigs. I figured at least one of the flowers would be real!

Now here comes the funny part. I can say that now because I lived through it. It’s finally GO time. Delivery was like half a mile away so I agreed to bring it over and get it set up. The challenge was getting it from my house to the reception. We had to navigate bumpy roads and a steep downhill that felt like we were sliding off the earth. So what did I do? I made it a family affair. I asked Greg for help and threw the kids in the car.

I thought that if he held it on his lap he could keep it level when we went down Everest. I should have just stuck it in the back of the car and said a prayer.. I got Greg in the car and brought out the 50 pound cake. As I went to slide it on his lap it wobbled a bit so he went to steady it out of reflex I guess and stuck 2 fingers in one side and swiped the other. The wheels are starting to fall off the bus at this point.

I run back inside and get my mixing bowl with extra frosting and my spreader and off we go. LONGEST 5 minute drive of my damn life. Greg was a hot mess freaking out at every bump. We get to ” The Hill” and he’s yelling ” Don’t ride the damn brakes” and I’m yelling back ” I HAVE TO or we will blow through the stop sign and go pass the road and into the river cuz I’ll be damned if I’m gonna brake HARD!”

Naturally we have some one tail gating me because I’m going approx. 12 mph so there was that added pressure. We finally turn into the neighborhood and into the driveway. I leave Greg in the car with the cake so I can see where it needs to go before I lug this thing around.

I go around the side of this house and through a cool vine passage way into this beautiful back yard. Tables are set up everywhere and it really is a sight . I should mention this IS Utah so the backyard is set into a hillside so it was HILL-Y

I located someone who looked official and asked where the cake table was and naturally it’s at the very highest part of the yard ( the song ” If you could Hie to Kolob” literally entered my mind) I asked about greenery which there was plenty of and I set back off to the car to grab the cake.

I asked Greg to move the car and meet me and off I went. I should also add the ground was not level and there were roots just waiting to snag my root. Somehow I dodged them all and then got to the hardest part. It was a straight assent to the cake table. A kind lady saw me and apparently my face was saying all the words I was keeping inside because she asked if I needed help. At that point though I was committed. I was on a mission and come hell or high water I was gonna reach that table.

My arms were burning , my legs were shaking but then she started saying things like ” Look at you go! ” You’re a Rockstar !” and you know what it helped hahaha. I made it! I couldn’t breathe and was seeing spots but dang it I did it!

I went to work grabbing Lavender and greenery and starting sticking it on the cake. Greg showed up and with my frosting and I was able to fix his finger imprints. We snapped a quick picture and off we went.

It was legit a intense 45 minutes but MAN I loved it!

Till next time~


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