Sunday Morning Musings

Does anyone else feel like they are on a clock before school starts? I want things to run smoothly once school gets under way and in order to do that I want ALL the things done before we get on this new schedule.

I like to dejunk our house at least twice a year and before school starts is a great time. The hard part is that we have just been SO busy . We are hardly ever home it feels like and when we are its long enough to eat and change clothes and off we go again.

One of the biggest issues we will call it , is that I feel like I have enough time to stay on top of the normal everyday chores but when I take time to tackle a whole room, the office for instance the rest of the house goes straight to H-E-double hockey sticks faster than a New York minute.

Can anyone relate to that? I mean, I’ll walk out and feel all good about myself that I made real headway but my face quickly changes to …

Credit : Daddy Day Care

Then I just wanna retreat into my new clean space and never come out hahaha. My dream is to have all my rooms clean at once. ALL the rooms. Even our very downstairs rooms.

We have a cold storage room that is in severe need of organizing and the room next to it has become a shrine of sorts to crap from my life and Greg’s life from before we met. I mean what the heck are you supposed to do with childhood stuff? I KNOW it was important once upon a time but when you haven’t looked at it in 13 years (or more) I feel like it’s safe to send it on it’s way.

One of the things that has taken extra time is I’m also going through a bunch of boxes of Mom’s stuff. When my dad moved out of the house they had shared I did something I never saw coming. I snapped and started hoarding boxes of stuff that was hers. I couldn’t believe what was getting thrown away and even though I had promised mom when she was alive that I would only be taking a few things, I ended up with 5 large boxes of picture albums, books, jewelry, journals and other stuff that would have just ended up in the trash or DI.

I was proud of myself though. I went through it all yesterday and got it down to a medium utility tote and a box. There are a few things like her wedding dress and a jean jacket that I am looking into fun ways to preserve and display them. I inherited a ginormous hutch from my grandmother and that’s where a lot of her stuff is and where I plan on putting her dress as well.

I’m excited to be getting things in order. It feels good to dig out and get my rooms organized again. That’s honestly when I feel best. Clutter and crap everywhere is a HUGE anxiety trigger for me. Anyone else? Or am I just the crazy one round here?! Starting the School year off organized and happy is a Win – Win for us all!

Till next time~


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